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Improving Efficiency of 120 Billion € Market

Our mission is to apply a novel aluminium alloy with mechanical properties that surpass traditional alloys to various industries around the globe.

E-vehicle battery development
  • 915.25 €/m2
    286 kg/m2
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  • 1109.2 €/m2
    370 kg/m2
    EN AW 7075 (T6)
  • 1502.4 €/m2
    653 kg/m2
    EN AW 6082 (T6)
Plate price at equivalent strength [€/m2]
Plate thickness at equivalent strength [mm/m2]



Alumnio Alloy is a novel ultra-high strength aluminium alloy reinforced with quasicrystalline particles. The ultimate strenght of the alloy is about 20% higher than the superme commercial alloy available on the market.

This results in reduction of weight, better price-to-quality ratio, and lower production costs.


From ALUMNIO IP to a Valuable Product

We enable automotive, maritime and many other industries to improve their products, while minimizing production costs and material consumption


We develop what's possible, so you can build what's next

Alumnio is a team of young professionals and metallographic experts who took a complete ownership of an exclusive aluminium alloy and shared the IP recipe with the world.

Martina Motaln
Prof. Boštjan Markoli Ph.D.
Metallography research scientist
Blaž Leskovar Ph.D
Metallography research scientist

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